4 things to do when you’re deep cleaning your house


Deep cleaning is all about all the little things we refrain from until it is really needed. Deep cleaning is necessary and one must deep clean their house after every month. It might not seem necessary but once you start to clean small things you will realise how important it was and how it makes your home look clean and welcoming at once. Moreover, things like microwave, fridge, are the ones that require deep cleaning. Therefore, if you plan on to deep clean first make the list of the things that would be required to clean. You can also opt for DIYs. hence, if you want to make your house look tidy mentioned below are the 4 things from expert at perth carpet cleaning suggest to do when you are deep cleaning your house. 


Kitchen is the most common place used in your house where you spend most of the day. When you plan to deep clean your kitchen list all the things even the tiniest of them that need to be cleaned. Start with your fridge by unplugging and taking out all the items and then clean it with warm soapy mixture. Do not forget to wash the refrigerators. Then clean all the cabinets and then the furniture and specially the microwave as it should be cleaned after every few days. Hence, as most of the work is done in the kitchen it needs to be deep cleaned every month.


Bathrooms are another most used place in your house that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. But there are some things that cannot be cleaned daily and require deep cleaning. When planning to deep clean your bathroom consider cleaning shoer, sink pipes, toilet seat and bathtubs. These things may not seem to be dirty but need to be cleaned regularly. Moreover, as the bathroom is the germiest place in your home it requires deep cleaning after every few days.


Your bedroom needs to be deep cleaned as it is used daily day and night. Even though the dirt does not enter your home, your bed sheets still need to be changed after every week. Wash your pillows after a few months. Curtain cleaning is required after every few months. You can do the curtain cleaning by vacuuming them after a few days and washing them after every month. Moreover, make sure all the closets and furniture is also cleaned.

Windows, walls,doors and floors

Along the rooms the windows, doors, walls and floor of the whole house need to be cleaned. By making only them clean and tidy you will see a huge difference in your home. You can make a micleaning mixture at home or can get some professional help. Moreover, all these items need to be cleaned on a daily basis and should be deep cleaned after a few months.

If you are planning to deep clean your house you can give this article a read. This article acknowledges four things to do when you are deep cleaning your house. Deep cleaning is must after a few months as it not only makes your house look tidy but also kills germs and bacteria that are dangerous for your health.


The rules for an ecological bedroom

For every child, the bedroom is a world in which to take refuge – not only at night to sleep – but also a space in which to give free expression to play, alone or with friends; if you spend a lot of time there, it should be as safe as possible , so making the bedroom ecological in terms of furnishings and finishes is very important In a room you can hide some ‘polluting’ pitfalls due to glues, solvents, paints and other products used for furniture and upholstery and textiles. For the health of the little ones and not only, it is essential to be able to ensure that a bedroom is ecological.

The rules for an ecological bedroom
A first attention should be paid to the choice of wall paintings, which must be non-toxic water-based paints ; Adhesive decorations or fabrics used to embellish walls and cabinets must be safe.

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For the furniture, on the other hand, it is necessary to check that there are no irritating or even potentially carcinogenic chemicals, such as formaldehyde (the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2006 highlighted the possible carcinogenic effects). Pay attention to the certifications presented by the producers : the most used is the E1 on the formaldehyde content in the panels , which is mandatory in Italy.

By purchasing ecological products, then, the risk of exposing the little ones, and others, to volatile organic compounds is limited, because safety is not only ‘mechanical’: wood must not emit harmful substances released by heat, the room must not smell of formaldehyde, the latex mattress must not create humidity on the bed, and the sheets must not redden the skin.

The future is here: furniture that produces food from algae

Spirulina is in fact a microalgae or a unicellular plant, without roots and leaves, capable of generating an energy source that is renewable over time . It was chosen because it can reproduce even in alkaline waters, unlike other bacteria.

The designers ‘ idea is to exploit the energy produced by these microorganisms by assimilating light, heat and carbon dioxide inside a home.

This energy can be used as a fertilizer, biofuel or as a pure energy source. The use of microorganisms in industry is not a new phenomenon: they are now commonly used in waste management, agriculture or the production of alcoholic beverages.

By integrating these algae with furnishing furniture, it is possible to create ‘living’ furniture (hence the name of the line), which continuously change color following the growth rate of the plants. For this reason, large transparent glass ampoules were chosen from which an intense green filters through.

Spirulina filaments are not visible individually, but create a unique blend that adapts to the type of container chosen. The various ampoules are connected to pipes and cables and everything is managed by a work surface through which the liquid can be cleaned in case it becomes too dense and the containers can be emptied.