The future is here: furniture that produces food from algae

Spirulina is in fact a microalgae or a unicellular plant, without roots and leaves, capable of generating an energy source that is renewable over time . It was chosen because it can reproduce even in alkaline waters, unlike other bacteria.

The designers ‘ idea is to exploit the energy produced by these microorganisms by assimilating light, heat and carbon dioxide inside a home.

This energy can be used as a fertilizer, biofuel or as a pure energy source. The use of microorganisms in industry is not a new phenomenon: they are now commonly used in waste management, agriculture or the production of alcoholic beverages.

By integrating these algae with furnishing furniture, it is possible to create ‘living’ furniture (hence the name of the line), which continuously change color following the growth rate of the plants. For this reason, large transparent glass ampoules were chosen from which an intense green filters through.

Spirulina filaments are not visible individually, but create a unique blend that adapts to the type of container chosen. The various ampoules are connected to pipes and cables and everything is managed by a work surface through which the liquid can be cleaned in case it becomes too dense and the containers can be emptied.

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